Example SAE Exam

This exam is an Example Self Assessment Exam.  There are 5 video and 7 text questions.  The exam length is about 10 minutes. Video questions are 60 seconds per video with the video intermittantly visible at 15 second intervals.  Text questions have the total time for text questions to be answered.   You cannot review video questions but you can review text quetions.  This example exam will introduce you to the format for the Self Assessment Exams.

Exam Format

The exam will have two sections: a video section and a text question section.

Please advance the the next question after you answer a current question.

When you get to the end of the questions, click grade exam.

At the bottom of the screen is an area where you can go to any question in the exam.

Self assessment exam
  • Attempts
  • Time Limit
    8:45 min
  • Total Questions
  • Pasing Score
  • SAE Points
  • Video Questions automatically advance every 60 seconds.
  • Text Questions do not automatically advance but 45 seconds are alloted for each question.
  • You need to be logged-in to take exams