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This is the place where you'll find the archive of our daily "Echo of the day" cases. If you missed a day just pick the Echo from the list and complete it, assuming that you had an active subscription on that date.
Go through all of them and you can earn up to 84.5 CME credits.

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2024-01-010.25 CMEChest pain in a 60 yr old man.Login to view
2024-01-020.25 CMERight Atrial MembraneLogin to view
2024-01-030.25 CMEPhysical Properties of Sound WaveLogin to view
2024-01-040.25 CMEAttenuationLogin to view
2024-01-050.25 CMEInteratrial Septal Undulating MembraneLogin to view
2024-01-060.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage FunctionLogin to view
2024-01-070.25 CMELarge Right VentricleLogin to view
2024-01-080.25 CMENormal LoopLogin to view
2024-01-090.25 CMERight Ventricular MassLogin to view
2024-01-100.25 CMEUndulating String and a JetLogin to view
2024-01-110.25 CMEMeasure the Left Atrium DiameterLogin to view
2024-01-120.25 CMELinear Left Atrial Appendage MassLogin to view
2024-01-130.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage MassLogin to view
2024-01-140.25 CMELarge Left Atrial MassLogin to view
2024-01-150.25 CMELarge Left Atrial Bouncing MassLogin to view
2024-01-160.25 CMELeft Atrial CompressionLogin to view
2024-01-170.25 CMEThere is nothing like synchronized motion.Login to view
2024-01-180.25 CMEGolfing for Wall MotionLogin to view
2024-01-190.25 CMELack of SynchronyLogin to view
2024-01-200.25 CMEFeeling Stressed?Login to view
2024-01-210.25 CMEDominance makes a difference.Login to view
2024-01-220.25 CMERelationship between Wavelength, Frequency, and Penetration Login to view
2024-01-230.25 CMERelationship between Wavelength, Frequency, and Penetration Login to view
2024-01-240.25 CMEReflectionLogin to view
2024-01-250.25 CMERefractionLogin to view
2024-01-260.25 CMEScatteringLogin to view
2024-01-270.25 CMEAttenuationLogin to view
2024-01-280.25 CMEPost Bypass HypotensionLogin to view
2024-01-290.25 CMELeft VentricleLogin to view
2024-01-300.25 CME2D Mode and M Mode Scans of the Left Ventricular FunctionLogin to view
2024-01-310.25 CMEHepatic Vein PatternLogin to view
2024-02-010.25 CMEContinuous Wave Doppler and an Irregular RhythmLogin to view
2024-02-020.25 CMEMultiple Aortic EchoesLogin to view
2024-02-030.25 CMEMultiple ShadowsLogin to view
2024-02-040.25 CMEA Big JetLogin to view
2024-02-050.25 CMEPulse Doppler Placement and PatternLogin to view
2024-02-060.25 CMEAscending Aorta Login to view
2024-02-070.25 CMEChanging CWD Profiles Login to view
2024-02-080.25 CMEWhat is the severity?Login to view
2024-02-090.25 CMEWhat is the severity?Login to view
2024-02-100.25 CMEA large aorta.Login to view
2024-02-110.25 CMEConstant Chest PainLogin to view
2024-02-120.25 CMEThe Climbing Man in the Left AtriumLogin to view
2024-02-130.25 CMEAn arc.Login to view
2024-02-140.25 CMERight Atrial StringLogin to view
2024-02-150.25 CMERight AtrIal MembraneLogin to view
2024-02-160.25 CMEAortic Valve Color M ModeLogin to view
2024-02-170.25 CMEAortic Regurgitation SeverityLogin to view
2024-02-180.25 CMEA Missing StructureLogin to view
2024-02-190.25 CMEMinimally Invasive MVR CannulationLogin to view
2024-02-200.25 CMEJet Following AVRLogin to view
2024-02-210.25 CMEAbberancyLogin to view
2024-02-220.25 CMEAdult CHDLogin to view
2024-02-230.25 CMEHeadachesLogin to view
2024-02-240.25 CMEAn Uncommon DefectLogin to view
2024-02-250.25 CME3 of 4 FindingsLogin to view
2024-02-260.25 CMEMissing MembraneLogin to view
2024-02-270.25 CMEOld LVADLogin to view
2024-02-280.25 CMELA Mass in Patient with a Heart MateLogin to view
2024-02-290.25 CMEMass in the Right VentricleLogin to view
2024-03-010.25 CMETransient ProblemLogin to view
2024-03-020.25 CMENormal flow?Login to view
2024-03-030.25 CMEWhere is the lesion?Login to view
2024-03-040.25 CMEWhere is the lesion (again)?Login to view
2024-03-050.25 CMEWhere is the lesion (once more)?Login to view
2024-03-060.25 CMEA Bad WallLogin to view
2024-03-070.25 CMETransient EchogenicityLogin to view
2024-03-080.25 CMELAA Clot means what?Login to view
2024-03-090.25 CMELAA ridgesLogin to view
2024-03-100.25 CMESeptal BounceLogin to view
2024-03-110.25 CMEDiastolic DysfunctionLogin to view
2024-03-120.25 CMEUnusual LVHLogin to view
2024-03-130.25 CMEDilated CavityLogin to view
2024-03-140.25 CMELeft Ventricular HypertrophyLogin to view
2024-03-150.25 CMEAnother type of LVHLogin to view
2024-03-160.25 CMEM Mode of LVLogin to view
2024-03-170.25 CMEMAPSELogin to view
2024-03-180.25 CMERV AbnormalityLogin to view
2024-03-190.25 CMELeft Atrial AppendageLogin to view
2024-03-200.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage VelocityLogin to view
2024-03-210.25 CMERight Atrial SedimentLogin to view
2024-03-220.25 CMEOn the LAMLogin to view
2024-03-230.25 CMEPost CABG HypotensionLogin to view
2024-03-240.25 CMEAcute HypotensionLogin to view
2024-03-250.25 CMEPericardial EffusionLogin to view
2024-03-260.25 CMEA Big JetLogin to view
2024-03-270.25 CMEA large clotLogin to view
2024-03-280.25 CMEA prosthetic mitral valve massLogin to view
2024-03-290.25 CMEFlow Convergence (PISA Formation) in the LV/LVOTLogin to view
2024-03-300.25 CMEBig Inferior Vena CavaLogin to view
2024-03-310.25 CMEAortic RegurgitationLogin to view
2024-04-010.25 CMELA Expanding MassLogin to view
2024-04-020.25 CMEAcute SOBLogin to view
2024-04-030.25 CMEA billowing structure in the LALogin to view
2024-04-040.25 CMEAV MassLogin to view
2024-04-050.25 CMEAortic Valve StringLogin to view
2024-04-060.25 CMEGreen Eggs and HamLogin to view
2024-04-070.25 CMEAortic Valve Gradient without Aortic StenosisLogin to view
2024-04-080.25 CMELeft Ventricular Shape and MortalityLogin to view
2024-04-090.25 CMEIs it Mitral Regurgitation?Login to view
2024-04-100.25 CMEAortic Valve CalcificationLogin to view
2024-04-110.25 CMEAortic Valve StenosisLogin to view
2024-04-120.25 CMEWhere to measure the ratio?Login to view
2024-04-130.25 CMEDescending Aorta Pulse Wave DopplerLogin to view
2024-04-140.25 CMEScallop orientation of the Mitral ValveLogin to view
2024-04-150.25 CMEScallop orientation of the Mitral Valve (Part deux)Login to view
2024-04-160.25 CMEMitral Valve Lights UpLogin to view
2024-04-170.25 CMEPWD GapLogin to view
2024-04-180.25 CMEM Mode of LVLogin to view
2024-04-190.25 CMENyquist Limit RangeLogin to view
2024-04-200.25 CMEPulmonary Vein FlowLogin to view
2024-04-210.25 CMEPulmonary RegurgitationLogin to view
2024-04-220.25 CMEWhere is Waldo?Login to view
2024-04-230.25 CMETricuspid RegurgitationLogin to view
2024-04-240.25 CMEPulse Wave Doppler MeasurementsLogin to view
2024-04-250.25 CMEName that ValveLogin to view
2024-04-260.25 CMEFluid around the heartLogin to view
2024-04-270.25 CMEA large heartLogin to view
2024-04-280.25 CMEHypertrophyLogin to view
2024-04-290.25 CMESAMLogin to view
2024-04-300.25 CMEPace Login to view
2024-05-010.25 CMESeptal Wall MotionLogin to view
2024-05-020.25 CMEProlapse vrs Real ProlapseLogin to view
2024-05-030.25 CMEMital valve scallopsLogin to view
2024-05-040.25 CMEWall motion abnormalityLogin to view
2024-05-050.25 CMEMital valve scallopsLogin to view
2024-05-060.25 CMEEjection FractionLogin to view
2024-05-070.25 CMEMitral Regurgitation Jet AreaLogin to view
2024-05-080.25 CMEPulmonary Vein Flow PatternsLogin to view
2024-05-090.25 CMEDilated Ascending AortaLogin to view
2024-05-100.25 CMEContinuous Wave Doppler of MR JetLogin to view
2024-05-110.25 CMEMitral Regurgitation and Vena ContractaLogin to view
2024-05-120.25 CMEFlow Convergence Factors and CalculationLogin to view
2024-05-130.25 CMEOptimal Gain on Color Flow Doppler ScanLogin to view
2024-05-140.25 CMERA/IVC StructureLogin to view
2024-05-150.25 CMEValvular RegurgitationLogin to view
2024-05-160.25 CMELeft Ventricular LineLogin to view
2024-05-170.25 CMEAVLAX View Wall Motion AbnormalityLogin to view
2024-05-180.25 CMELeft Atrial MassLogin to view
2024-05-190.25 CMEModerate or Severe MR?Login to view
2024-05-200.25 CMEName that scallop.Login to view
2024-05-210.25 CMEPulmonary RegurgitationLogin to view
2024-05-220.25 CMEAortic Diagnosis?Login to view
2024-05-230.25 CMELeft Ventricular Inflow Doppler PatternLogin to view
2024-05-240.25 CMESeptal ShiftLogin to view
2024-05-250.25 CMEAortic Root Size and RatioLogin to view
2024-05-260.25 CMEBony ValvesLogin to view
2024-05-270.25 CMELA SizeLogin to view
2024-05-280.25 CMETAPSELogin to view
2024-05-290.25 CMEFavorite ViewLogin to view
2024-05-300.25 CMEMR LesionLogin to view
2024-05-310.25 CMEMV PISA Login to view
2024-06-010.25 CMEGrading TRLogin to view
2024-06-020.25 CMEMitral Valve MotionLogin to view
2024-06-030.25 CMEWall Motion InterpretationLogin to view
2024-06-040.25 CMEMitral Valve LesionLogin to view
2024-06-050.25 CMESpot the abnormalityLogin to view
2024-06-060.25 CMELeaky valve, maybeLogin to view
2024-06-070.25 CMEA Bear in Winter?Login to view
2024-06-080.25 CMEFlail AwayLogin to view
2024-06-090.25 CMEAbnormalities GalorLogin to view
2024-06-100.25 CMECoronary Sinus CatheterLogin to view
2024-06-110.25 CMELong DTLogin to view
2024-06-120.25 CMEProlonged IVRT in Diastolic DysfunctionLogin to view
2024-06-130.25 CME2 Modes in OneLogin to view
2024-06-140.25 CMETissue Doppler Anyone?Login to view
2024-06-150.25 CMEE and E` RatioLogin to view
2024-06-160.25 CMEE and E` Ratio and A` velocity and agingLogin to view
2024-06-170.25 CMELeft Ventricular Ejection FractionLogin to view
2024-06-180.25 CMEOpen HeartLogin to view
2024-06-190.25 CMECox Maze 3Login to view
2024-06-200.25 CMETherapeutic DilemmaLogin to view
2024-06-210.25 CMEExtra LinesLogin to view
2024-06-220.25 CMELarge Hepatic VeinLogin to view
2024-06-230.25 CMEAbnormal Right VentricleLogin to view
2024-06-240.25 CMESt. Patrick ValveLogin to view
2024-06-250.25 CMEA Complete CircleLogin to view
2024-06-260.25 CMELeft or Right?Login to view
2024-06-270.25 CMELarge Hepatic Vein "A" waveLogin to view
2024-06-280.25 CMELarge Pulmonary ArteryLogin to view
2024-06-290.25 CMEPulmonary StenosisLogin to view
2024-06-300.25 CMEDouble Left AtriumLogin to view
2024-07-010.25 CMEPost Induction HypotensionLogin to view
2024-07-020.25 CMEDressed for DinnerLogin to view
2024-07-030.25 CMEMultiple Etiologies for ObstructionLogin to view
2024-07-040.25 CMEAlternate Drainage SystemLogin to view
2024-07-050.25 CMEI Can See MyselfLogin to view
2024-07-060.25 CMELVI and PVn PWD and ArrhythmiaLogin to view
2024-07-070.25 CMELeft Atrial FilamentLogin to view
2024-07-080.25 CMEWhat is the PCWP?Login to view
2024-07-090.25 CMEWhich scallop?Login to view
2024-07-100.25 CMEA PouchLogin to view
2024-07-110.25 CMEAR by PISALogin to view
2024-07-120.25 CMETAPSELogin to view
2024-07-130.25 CMEColor M Mode Velocity of PropagationLogin to view
2024-07-140.25 CMEProsthetic Valve EvaluationLogin to view
2024-07-150.25 CMEGot ARLogin to view
2024-07-160.25 CMEA Hot VideoLogin to view
2024-07-170.25 CMEGreen Eggs and Aam said S.. I am.Login to view
2024-07-180.25 CMEA Large AortaLogin to view
2024-07-190.25 CMECongenital Aortic DiseaseLogin to view
2024-07-200.25 CMETricuspid Regurgitation and BreathingLogin to view
2024-07-210.25 CMEDescending Athersclerosis and StrokeLogin to view
2024-07-220.25 CMEAltered Compass.Login to view
2024-07-230.25 CMEHeart feels flat.Login to view
2024-07-240.25 CMEFunctional Tricuspid RegurgitationLogin to view
2024-07-250.25 CMEMR Jet Area FactorsLogin to view
2024-07-260.25 CMEValve Lesion TypesLogin to view
2024-07-270.25 CMELeft Ventricular Color M ModeLogin to view
2024-07-280.25 CMEAnother Hole in the HeartLogin to view
2024-07-290.25 CMEMitral Valve Annulus DiameterLogin to view
2024-07-300.25 CMEMore holes in the heartLogin to view
2024-07-310.25 CMEA small bulge in the ventricle.Login to view
2024-08-010.25 CMEA Sinus ProblemLogin to view
2024-08-020.25 CMEThe Left Atrial Appendage is SmokingLogin to view
2024-08-030.25 CMEA Septal ProblemLogin to view
2024-08-040.25 CMEArterocalcinosisLogin to view
2024-08-050.25 CMEMR EROLogin to view
2024-08-060.25 CMEMitral Valve RegurgitationLogin to view
2024-08-070.25 CMELeft Ventricular BalloonLogin to view
2024-08-080.25 CMEHockey GameLogin to view
2024-08-090.25 CMEAV by Another AngleLogin to view
2024-08-100.25 CMEGamma HeartLogin to view
2024-08-110.25 CMELVOT ShapeLogin to view
2024-08-120.25 CMEYoung man feels poorlyLogin to view
2024-08-130.25 CMEPISA Anyone?Login to view
2024-08-140.25 CMERoss RequirementsLogin to view
2024-08-150.25 CMECirucumflex Coronary ReserveLogin to view
2024-08-160.25 CMEOn the XLogin to view
2024-08-170.25 CMEA french valve named EdLogin to view
2024-08-180.25 CMEThe Plane, The Plane!Login to view
2024-08-190.25 CMEPost Cardioversion SuccessLogin to view
2024-08-200.25 CMEPulmonary Artery DiametersLogin to view
2024-08-210.25 CMECongenital Aortic Disease IILogin to view
2024-08-220.25 CMEDoes PHT have rhythm problems?Login to view
2024-08-230.25 CMEPop Pop Fizz FizzLogin to view
2024-08-240.25 CMERub a Dub DubLogin to view
2024-08-250.25 CMECan You Hear Me NowLogin to view
2024-08-260.25 CMERip TideLogin to view
2024-08-270.25 CMEAortic Regurgitation and Descending Aorta DopplerLogin to view
2024-08-280.25 CMERelax Will YouLogin to view
2024-08-290.25 CMEIs it safe?Login to view
2024-08-300.25 CMEWhat is the RAP?Login to view
2024-08-310.25 CMERight Atrial AreaLogin to view
2024-09-010.25 CMEWhich hepatic vein?Login to view
2024-09-020.25 CMECamping at the Mitral ValveLogin to view
2024-09-030.25 CMELeaky, Leaky!Login to view
2024-09-040.25 CMELorem ipsum vasorumLogin to view
2024-09-050.25 CMESeptal DivotLogin to view
2024-09-060.25 CMECannula PlacementLogin to view
2024-09-070.25 CMEHepatic Vein and SVC Flow PatternsLogin to view
2024-09-080.25 CMEIVRTLogin to view
2024-09-090.25 CMENot a CirlceLogin to view
2024-09-100.25 CMEStressed OutLogin to view
2024-09-110.25 CMEAtrializationLogin to view
2024-09-120.25 CMEHow steep is the slope?Login to view
2024-09-130.25 CMEA Floater.Login to view
2024-09-140.25 CMELatin VCLogin to view
2024-09-150.25 CMEHepatic Vein Diastolic SuppressionLogin to view
2024-09-160.25 CMEMitral Regurgitation in 3DLogin to view
2024-09-170.25 CMEMass in the RVOTLogin to view
2024-09-180.25 CMESon of SAMLogin to view
2024-09-190.25 CMEProsthetic Mitral Valve WispLogin to view
2024-09-200.25 CMERight Atrial Mass in 3DLogin to view
2024-09-210.25 CMEThe Aortic Valve has got MilkLogin to view
2024-09-220.25 CMEPulmonary Vein Flow AccelerationLogin to view
2024-09-230.25 CMERWMA PlusLogin to view
2024-09-240.25 CMETricuspid Regurgitation ReduxLogin to view
2024-09-250.25 CMEAortic Regurgitation and MoreLogin to view
2024-09-260.25 CMEMitral Valve Repair CWD Profile x 3Login to view
2024-09-270.25 CMELeft Ventricular DysynchronyLogin to view
2024-09-280.25 CMENot a Happy CamperLogin to view
2024-09-290.25 CMEOnly an Average GradeLogin to view
2024-09-300.25 CMETo Be or Not to BeLogin to view
2024-10-010.25 CMEBad Naughty HeartLogin to view
2024-10-020.25 CMEToo Many Leaflets in the Mitral Valve PositionLogin to view
2024-10-030.25 CMEMitral Stenosis Doppler Double SlopeLogin to view
2024-10-040.25 CMEPost Mitral Valve Repair Login to view
2024-10-050.25 CMESecondary EffectsLogin to view
2024-10-060.25 CMETiny BubblesLogin to view
2024-10-070.25 CMELacuna MatataLogin to view
2024-10-080.25 CMELook between the layersLogin to view
2024-10-090.25 CMEFaux DiameterLogin to view
2024-10-100.25 CMEBoniva Overdose of the AortaLogin to view
2024-10-110.25 CMEArt FormsLogin to view
2024-10-120.25 CMEIt is Tumor TimeLogin to view
2024-10-130.25 CMEThe Tide is HighLogin to view
2024-10-140.25 CMEFinding the Right BranchLogin to view
2024-10-150.25 CMEPel and Wilhelm did not have a feverish fight over this diagnosisLogin to view
2024-10-160.25 CMEName that lesion.Login to view
2024-10-170.25 CMEWhat is a normal size?Login to view
2024-10-180.25 CMEThe Right is larger than the Left SideLogin to view
2024-10-190.25 CMEIs it tight or is it leaky?Login to view
2024-10-200.25 CMEConcrete ValvesLogin to view
2024-10-210.25 CMEA Bad JetLogin to view
2024-10-220.25 CMEProsthetic Valve AssessmentLogin to view
2024-10-230.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage MassLogin to view
2024-10-240.25 CMETrileaflet Mitral ValveLogin to view
2024-10-250.25 CMEA high fat diet of bowtie pastaLogin to view
2024-10-260.25 CMEHow far is too far?Login to view
2024-10-270.25 CMEA Line in the ApexLogin to view
2024-10-280.25 CME3D Aorta ViewLogin to view
2024-10-290.25 CMEA SwirlyLogin to view
2024-10-300.25 CMEClot on a StickLogin to view
2024-10-310.25 CMEClaustrophobia of the HeartLogin to view
2024-11-010.25 CMEAre you blind?Login to view
2024-11-020.25 CMEAn ENT Doctor cannot fix this sinus.Login to view
2024-11-030.25 CMEA Quiet RumbleLogin to view
2024-11-040.25 CMEContinuous Doppler OnlyLogin to view
2024-11-050.25 CMEHow do you calculate?Login to view
2024-11-060.25 CMEA late pulmonary valve openingLogin to view
2024-11-070.25 CMERing Around the CollarLogin to view
2024-11-080.25 CMEIt may be small, but is it important?Login to view
2024-11-090.25 CMEWhole Milk Deposits in the Ascending AortaLogin to view
2024-11-100.25 CMEName the abnormalitiesLogin to view
2024-11-110.25 CMEWhat is the Diff?Login to view
2024-11-120.25 CMEThere is a bubble in my heartLogin to view
2024-11-130.25 CMEClean your ears outLogin to view
2024-11-140.25 CMEDon't need no color DopplerLogin to view
2024-11-150.25 CMEIsolated Segment Dyskinesis in a Normal HeartLogin to view
2024-11-160.25 CMEWhen you get to the apex what did you find?Login to view
2024-11-170.25 CMETell us about the slope of your heartLogin to view
2024-11-180.25 CMEThe RidgeLogin to view
2024-11-190.25 CMEIs this pappy aberrant?Login to view
2024-11-200.25 CMEJust a routine case.Login to view
2024-11-210.25 CMEThe prosthetic valve does not look normalLogin to view
2024-11-220.25 CMEFluid surrounds the heartLogin to view
2024-11-230.25 CMEName the ScallopLogin to view
2024-11-240.25 CMEFeeling un-hinged?Login to view
2024-11-250.25 CMEA Muscle AcheLogin to view
2024-11-260.25 CMEAn outie or an innie?Login to view
2024-11-270.25 CMEName this type.Login to view
2024-11-280.25 CMEThe blood goes around and around.Login to view
2024-11-290.25 CMEIs that a Doppler that I hear (or see)?Login to view
2024-11-300.25 CMEIs that a Doppler that I hear (or see)?Login to view
2024-12-010.25 CMEThe alignment is off.Login to view
2024-12-020.25 CMELeft Atrial Appendage ShadowLogin to view
2024-12-030.25 CMEIs the aortic valve OK?Login to view