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This is the place where you'll find the archive of our weekly cases. If you missed a week just pick the Case from the list and complete it, assuming that you had an active subscription on that date.
Finishing all of them would earn you 13.5 CME credits.

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DateCMECase Title
2024-01-010.25 CMEOccillating Aortic Valve MassLogin to view
2024-01-080.25 CMEComplex Mitral Valve CaseLogin to view
2024-01-150.25 CMEA RWMA a Dancing Wu Li Master Could LoveLogin to view
2024-01-220.25 CMEPost MVR AV High Velocity JetLogin to view
2024-01-290.25 CMEAV and MV MassLogin to view
2024-02-050.25 CMEMitral Regurgitation in an Elderly ManLogin to view
2024-02-120.25 CMEHigh AVG after an Aortic Valve ReplacementLogin to view
2024-02-190.25 CMEStop Your BillowingLogin to view
2024-02-260.25 CMESOB after MV RepairLogin to view
2024-03-040.25 CMEIschemic MR AND TRLogin to view
2024-03-110.25 CMEA shunt and more.Login to view
2024-03-180.25 CMEPersistence Pays OffLogin to view
2024-03-250.25 CMEThe RingLogin to view
2024-04-010.25 CMEJust a Routine CABGLogin to view
2024-04-080.25 CMEMore than Unusual MRLogin to view
2024-04-150.25 CMEIncreasing SOB and DOELogin to view
2024-04-220.25 CMENothing Like a Good AssistantLogin to view
2024-04-290.25 CMEPeriprosthetic LeakLogin to view
2024-05-060.25 CMEA Tight PipeLogin to view
2024-05-130.25 CMECAD, CHF, and More?Login to view
2024-05-200.25 CMECrazy Conduits and MoreLogin to view
2024-05-270.25 CMEAbnormal PericardiumLogin to view
2024-06-030.25 CMEBiatrial Enlargement and MoreLogin to view
2024-06-100.25 CMEWhat is Wrong with the Right?Login to view
2024-06-170.25 CMEComplex Multiple Valvular CaseLogin to view
2024-06-240.25 CMESomething is Wrong with the Right SideLogin to view
2024-07-010.25 CMEPost Infarction ComplicationLogin to view
2024-07-080.25 CMEAccentuated Mitral RegurgitationLogin to view
2024-07-150.25 CMERedo ReduxLogin to view
2024-07-220.25 CMEThe Chicken or the EggLogin to view
2024-07-290.25 CMEProsthetic Valve FailureLogin to view
2024-08-050.25 CMEJust a CABG?Login to view
2024-08-120.25 CMEDiastolic Dysfunction or Aging?Login to view
2024-08-190.25 CMEAcute SOB and Chest PainLogin to view
2024-08-260.25 CMEAVR for AS with Moderate MRLogin to view
2024-09-020.25 CMEClassic Cause of SOBLogin to view
2024-09-090.25 CMEThe Knobby SeptumLogin to view
2024-09-160.25 CMEMyectomy ComplicationLogin to view
2024-09-230.25 CMEMass in the LVOTLogin to view
2024-09-300.25 CMEIs Wall Motion Abnormality DimensionessLogin to view
2024-10-070.25 CMECamping on the Mitral ValveLogin to view
2024-10-140.25 CMEApical RWMA and MoreLogin to view
2024-10-210.25 CMEHigh Velocity in the Left Upper Pulmonary VeinLogin to view
2024-10-280.25 CMEA new baby and a new murmurLogin to view
2024-11-040.25 CMESam I AmLogin to view
2024-11-110.25 CMEMovement in the ArchLogin to view
2024-11-180.25 CMEDo you need a Para?Login to view
2024-11-250.25 CMEA New LVADLogin to view
2024-12-020.25 CMEAortic Stenosis with Mitral Stenosis - What is the true MV Area?Login to view
2024-12-090.25 CMEOnly a princess can find this one.Login to view
2024-12-160.25 CMEI SpyLogin to view
2024-12-230.25 CMEHe was fine until he was 69.Login to view
2024-12-300.25 CMEAnother SAMLogin to view
2025-01-060.25 CMEWhat kind of shoot is this?Login to view