Body Surface Area

BSA: 0.9707187308287804m²
Formulas:Dubois and Dubois: 0.20247 x height (m) 0.725 x weight (kg) 0.425Haycock: 0.024265 x height (cm) 0.3964 x weight (kg) 0.5378Gehan & George: 0.0235 x height (cm) 0.42246 x weight (kg) 0.51456Boyd: 0.0003207 x height (cm) 0.3 x weight (g) 0.7285 - (0.0188 x log(weight(g)))Mosteller: square root ( (height (cm) x weight (kg))/ 3600)

How to calculate Body Surface Area.

  1. Obtain the weight and height of the patient. Enter the weight and height along with the unit values for the weight and height. The formula listed above is used to calculate the Body Surface Area (BSA).

Check normal values by BSA


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